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Record # 16218
Faubel A, Rohde K, Watson NA (1994)
Sandy beach meiofauna of Eastern Australia (Southern Queensland and New South Wales). II. Luriculus australiensis, gen. et sp. nov. (Luridae : Dalyelliida : Platyhelminthes).
Invertebr Taxon 8:1009-1115

Abstract / Notes

Luriculus australiensis, gen. et sp. nov., from a sandy, exposed ocean beach at Arrawarra Headland, north of
Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia, is described on the basis of light and electron microscopic investigations.
The establishment of the new genus Luriculus is based on the presence of germovitellaria, rather than
discrete organs. Lurus castor Sterrer and Rieger, 1990, Lurus tyndareus Sterrer and Rieger, 1990, and Lurus
minos Sterrer, 1992, are transferred to this genus.

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