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Sterrer W (1998)
New and known Nemertodermatida (Playthelminthes-Acoelomorpha) -- a revision.
Belgian J Zool 128: 55-92

Abstract / Notes

Described in 1930-31 by Steinbock who considered it the most primitive bilaterian, the turbellarian genus
Nemertoderma is known for its role in platyhelminth phylogeny as much as for its muddled taxonomy. On the
basis of material collected in the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans since 1964 this paper
re-diagnoses the known 4 genera and 7 species (Nemertoderma bathycola Steinbock, 1930-31; N. westbladi
Steinbock, 1938; N. psammicola Sterrer, 1970 (syn. N. rubra Faubel, 1976); Meara stichopi Westblad, 1949;
Meara sp. (see SMITH et al., 1994); Nemertinoides elongatus Riser, 1987; and Flagellophora apelti Faubel and
Dorjes, 1978), describes state, statocyst structure and statolith variability, and sperm morphology and
dimorphism. The paper concludes with diagnoses for the known taxa of Nemertodermatida, including the new
family Ascopariidae.

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