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Record # 1646
Papi F (1951)
Ricerche sui Turbellari Macrostomidae.
Arch Zool Ital 36:289-341.

Abstract / Notes

Macrostomum lutheri. M. obtusum. M. orthostylum. M. orthostylum var. curvata, and M. viride, all collected in
Finnish Lapland; and M. retortum, M. tuba var. gigas. M. appendiculatum, M. appendiculatum ssp. distinguenda,
M. sensitivum and Promacrostomum gieysztori collected near Pisa (Italy), as well as M. viride ssp. rostrata
from both Finnish Lapland and Italy, are descr., and extensively illustrated by 59 drawings. Anatomical
characteristics of each single sp. are discussed. A list of valid forms of European freshwater Macrostomidae
is supplied. 

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