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Record # 16728
Sluys R, Timoshkin OA, Kawakatsu M (1998)
A new species of giant planarian from Lake Baikal, with some remarks on character states in the Dendrocoelidae (Platyhelminthes, Tricladida, Paludicola).
Hydrobiologia 383: 69-75 [revised version published in 2006]

Abstract / Notes

On the basis of newly collected material the subspecies Bdellocephala angarensis bathyalis Timoshkin &
Porfirjeva, 1989 is raised to full species status, B. bathyalis Timoshkin & Porfirjeva, 1989. Specimens of
this species have been collected in Lake Baikal from depths ranging between 610 and 1060 m. The species is
characterized by a light, uniform brown pigmentation, absence of eyes, distinct atrial folds, and large size.
It is suggested that two features may be useful in elucidating the phylogenetic relationships between
dendrocoelid genera: pharynx musculature, and presence of an extra layer of circular muscle in the ventral
subepidermal body musculature.

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