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Record # 16965
Selivanova RV (1985)
Novyi predstavitel' planarii iz Tadzhikistana (Tricladida, Paludicola). A New Representative of Planarians from Tadzhikistan USSR. [In Russian with English summary]
Zool Zhur (Moscow) 64: 820-826

Abstract / Notes

A new species of the genus Polycelis has been found in Tadjikistan in a creek at an altitude of 2.5 km. The
following structural features of the genital system are typical for P. asiatica sp. n.: hypertrophied seminal
vesicle with strongly developed dorsal wall; tip-pointed elongated penial papilla without glands; large
seminal receptacle with ciliated canal extending from it, distal part of this canal having a bulge of ring
muscles; presence of glands around ciliated canal, oviducts and their unpaired duct.

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