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Record # 17092
Lundin K (2000)
Phylogeny of the Nemertodermatida (Acoelomorpha, Platyhelminthes). A cladistic analysis.
Zool Scripta 29:65-74

Abstract / Notes

The Nemertodermatida is a small group of worms, regarded as an order of the Platyhelminthes. The group is of
special systematic interest because of its putative basal phylogenetic position in the Platyhelminthes. The
phylogeny of the Nemertodermatida was estimated using PAUP 4.0 software for parsimony analysis. The analysis
was based on 72 structural parsimony-informative characters totalling 184 different character states. All
eight well described species of nemertodermatids were included in the ingroup. As outgroup were chosen
species of the Acoela, Catenulida, Macrostomida and Xenoturbellida. A single most parsimonious tree was
obtained with 140 steps and a concistency index (CI) of 0.80. The Nemertodermatida, Ascoparidae and
Nemertodermatidae are shown as monophyletic taxa in the tree. The species Nemertoderma psammicola does not
group with the other members of the genus Nemertoderma, hence criteria of phylogenetic taxonomy imply that N.
psammicola should be renamed. A suggested new name is Sterreria psammicola gen. n.

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