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Akesson B, Gschwentner R, Hendelberg J, Ladurner P, Mueller J, Rieger R (2001)
Fission in Convolutriloba longifissura: Asexual reproduction in acoelous turbellarians revisited.
Acta Zool (Stockholm) 82: 231-239

Abstract / Notes

"Studies of the asexual reproduction of Convolutriloba longifissura (Acoela,
Acoelomorpha) revealed that there is no longitudinal fission of the whole
animal as has been described by Bartolomaeus and Balzer (1997). Instead, the
first step is a transverse fission. This results in the detachment of the
caudal fourth of the mother animal. The detached part forms what we call the
butterfly stage, which initially has no mouth and no eye fields. This stage
gives rise to two new individuals by a longitudinal fission. Within 2-3 days
the eye fields and a mouth develop in each of the two progenies formed in this
way. In the meantime the mother individual grows and develops the three typical
caudal lobes. The mother animal can repeat this process resulting in three
individuals every fourth day. The finding of this new pattern of reproduction
in the Acoela has prompted us to review the various ways by which asexual
reproduction occurs in the group. The peculiar combination of few cases but
high diversity of asexual reproduction in the Acoela is discussed from an
evolutionary point of view."

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