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Reuter M, Raikova OI, Jondelius U, Gustafsson MKS, Maule AG, Halton DW (2001)
Organisation of the nervous system in the Acoela: an immunocytochemical study.
Tissue Cell 33:119-128

Abstract / Notes

"In order to broaden the information about the organisation of the nervous
system in taxon Acoela, an immunocytochemical study of an undetermined Acoela
from Cape Kartesh, Faerlea glomerata, Avagina incola and Paraphanostoma crassum
has been performed. Antibodies to 5-HT and the native flatworm neuropeptide
GYIRFamide were used. As in earlier studies, the pattern of 5-HT
immunoreactivity revealed an anterior structure composed mainly of commissures,
a so-called commissural brain. Three types of brain shapes were observed. No
regular orthogon was visualised. GYIRFamide immunoreactive cell clusters were
observed peripherally to the 5-HT immunoreactive commissural brain. Staining
with anti-GYIRFamide revealed more nerve processes than did staining with
anti-FMRFamide. As no synapomorphies were found in the organisation of the
nervous system of the Acoela and that of the Platyhelminthes, the results
support the view that the Acoela is not a member of the Platyhelminthes."

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