Turbellarian taxonomic database

Record # 17553
Prudhoe S (1982)
Polyclad turbellarians from the southern coasts of Australia.
Records of the South Australian Museum (Adelaide) 18(16): 361-384

Abstract / Notes

Eighteen species of polyclad turbellarians are recorded from the southern coasts of Australia, 14 of which are
from South Australia and 4 from Victoria. Of the South Australian species, 2 are also recorded from Tasmania,
and 1 of the Victorian species has been recorded hitherto only from South Australia [Echinoplana tenerrima is
a new record for South Australia and Euplana gracilis and the genus Latocestus are new for Australia.] Three
species are new: Notoplana distincta sp. nov. and Pseudoceros lividus sp. nov. from South Australia and
CANDIMBOIDES cuneiformis gen. et sp. nov. from Victoria. The genus Ancoratheca is diagnosed. The descriptions
are extended for the following 5 spp.: Ancoratheca australiensis, Notoplana longicrumena, Planocera edmondsi,
Cestoplana meridionalis and Cycloporus australis. Three known species, Euplana gracilis, Echinoplana
tenerrima and Pseudoceros reticulatus show very wide gaps in their geographical distribution, suggesting that
polyclads may be artificially transported from 1 part of the world to another, where they may settle if
conditions are suitable.

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