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Record # 17897
Kennel J v (1888)
Untersuchungen an neuen Turbellarien.
Zool Jahrb Anat 3 (1889):447-486, Fig 18-19

Abstract / Notes

On Planaria alpina, Dana, found in cold streams near Wurzburg. On P. aurita, n. sp., and P. fissipara, n. sp.,
from Trinidad; with an account of asexual reproduction in the latter. The rods in Triclads and some
Rhabdocoeles cannot be homologised with the nettle-cells of Coelenterates. They lie, not in the epithelium,
but in the sub-epithelial connective tissue, and are bodily discharged on pressure. An account of three
Rhabdocoeles from Trinidad : Mesostoma ehrenbergii, Stenostoma bicaudatum, n. sp., and Prorhynchus
applanatus, n. sp.

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