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Record # 17907
Curini-Galletti M, Oggiano G, Casu M (2001)
New Unguiphora (Platyhelminthes: Proseriata) from India
Proc Biol Soc Washington 114(3):737-745

Abstract / Notes

Three new species of Unguiphora are described from Goa (India). Two species belong to the genus Nematoplana
(N. indica and N. calamus). They are distinguished from the known species of the genus on the basis of the
morphology of sclerotized structures. The new genus Alloeostyliphora is established for the third species (A.
mirabilis), based on the unique features of its copulatory apparatus, with two symmetrical copulatory organs,
and a few, non-glandular accessory stylets.

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