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Record # 18153
Hooge MD (2003)
Two new families, three new genera, and four new species of acoel flatworms (Acoela, Platyhelminthes) from Queensland, Australia
Cah. Biol. Mar. 44: 275-298.

Abstract / Notes

Two new families, three new genera, four new species, and one previously described species of acoel flatworm
collected from shallow marine sediments in Queensland, Australia are described: Wulguru cuspidata
(Convolutidae), Stomatricha gen. nov. hochbergi sp. nov. (Otocelididae), and Daku gen. nov. woorimensis sp.
nov. (Dakuidae fam. nov.) from Bribie Island, Haplogonaria stradbrokensis sp. nov. (Haploposthiidae) from
North Stradbroke Island, and Polycanthus gen. nov. torosus sp. nov. (Polycanthiidae fam. nov.) from Green
Island. The family Dakuidae fam. nov. is characterized by having a cone-shaped glandular penis surrounded by
a thick seminal vesicle composed of muscles in well-defined longitudinal and circular orientations. The
family Polycanthiidae fam. nov. is defined by the possession of a cylindrical copulatory organ composed of
five concentric layers of longitudinal and circular muscles that surround an epithelium-lined lumen opening
terminally at the posterior end of the animal.

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