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Record # 1884
Faubel A, Dorjes J (1978)
Flagellophora apelti gen.n. sp.n.: a remarkable representative of the order Nemertodermatida (Turbellaria: Archoophora).
Senckenb Marit 10:1-13 [?:Natur & Mus 108:157-161]

Abstract / Notes

The description of a new genus and species, F. apelti, from sublittoral sediments of the North Sea, is given.
A statocyst containing 2 statoliths and a true intestine with mucus-cells (Koernerkolben) confirm the
assignment of this species to the order Nemertodermatida Ax 1961 and family Nemertodermatidae Steinboeck
1930. The presence of a longitudinally arranged flagellar organ in the 1st 1/3 of the body necessiated the
establishment of a new genus.

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