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Record # 19496
Beauchamp RSA, Ullyott P (1932)
Competitive relationships between certain species of freshwater triclads.
J. Ecol. 20(1): 200-208

Abstract / Notes

When Planaria montenegrina (P. teratophila) and P. gonocephala occur in competition with each other, temp.
governs the relative success and efficiency of the 2 spp. P. montenegrina is the more successful below 13-14
degrees C; above these temps. P. gonocephala is the more efficient form. When P. alpina is in competition
with Polycelis cornuta, the governing factor is not so much temp. as the rate of flow of the water. Around 9
degrees C., P. alpina is successful in rheocrene conditions, but Pol. cornuta dominates in limnocrene

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