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Record # 19894
Hooge MD, Tyler S (2005)
New tools for resolving phylogenies: A systematic revision of the Convolutidae (Acoelomorpha, Acoela).
J Systemat Evol Res 43: 100-113

Abstract / Notes

Molecular sequence data, morphological characters of spermatozoa, and newly obtained morphological characters
of penis musculature are used here to revise the systematics of the family Convolutidae (Acoela). Species
having isodiametric penes with non-anastomosing longitudinal muscles are transferred to the family
Isodiametridae fam. nov. Species with longitudinal penis muscle fibres that anastomose or cross-over each
other remain in the Convolutidae. Some species of the genera Convoluta and Conaperta (Convolutidae) are
transferred to the genus Isodiometra gen. nov. (Isodiametridae fam. nov.). The genus Stomatricha
(Otocelididae) is transferred to the family Convolutidae. Comoluta opisthandropora (Convolutidae) is
transferred to the genus Pseudohaplogonaria (Haploposthiidae). Aphanostoina sanguineum (Convolutidae) is
transferred to the genus Pseudactinoposthia (Actinoposthiidae).


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