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Record # 20202
Willems WR, Artois TJ, Vermin W, Backeljau T, Schockaert ER (2004)
Reports on the free-living platyhelminthes from Australia: Typhloplanoida with the description of three new taxa.
Zool Sci (Tokyo) 21:333-341

Abstract / Notes

Five typhloplanoids from the Australian East Coast are reported, three of them new to science. Two taxa are
members of Promesostomidae: Vauclusia conica n.g. n.sp., characterised by a cone-shaped stylet, the presence
of a female bursa and a very long, partially-swollen female duct; Brinkmanniella australiensis n.sp. has a
funnel-shaped stylet with a smooth distal tip. Pilamonila bimascula n.g. n.sp. is a representative of the
Solenopharyngidae, characterised by a stylet within a cirrus. The known species found are Ceratopera axi and
Ptychopera scutulifer.

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