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Record # 20260
Quiroga SY, Bolanos DM, Litvaitis MK (2004)
A checklist of polyclad flatworms (Platyhelminthes: Polycladida) from the Caribbean coast of Colombia, South America.
Zootaxa 633:1-12

Abstract / Notes

Although the Polycladida (Platyhelminthes) are prominent members of many reef communities, no
comprehensive surveys exist for the Caribbean coast of Colombia. This study represents a first sur-
vey of the Colombian polyclad fauna. A total of 25 species were collected from the rocky littoral of
the Tayrona National Park, Santa Marta, Colombia. Because color and color patterns represent
major taxonomic characters in the classification of polyclads, photographic records were obtained
from live specimens prior to fixation. Further taxonomic identification was based on major external
features and serial longitudinal sections of the reproductive system. Numerically, Boninia divae
Marcus and Marcus, 1968, followed by Styloplanocera fasciata (Schmarda, 1859) were the most
abundant species. Not only do all recorded species constitute first records for the Colombian coast
of the Caribbean, but Cestoplana rubrocincta (Grube, 1840), Armatoplana divae (Marcus, 1947),
Phaenoplana longipenis (Hyman, 1953), Eurylepta aurantiaca Heath and McGregor, 1912, Thys-
anozoon cf. lagidum Marcus, 1949, and Prosthiostomum gilvum Marcus, 1950 represent first
records for the entire Caribbean region. Furthermore, a new combination Phrikoceros mopsus nov.
comb. is proposed, and a possible new species of Pleioplana Faubel, 1983 was found.

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