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Record # 20356
Willems WR, Artois TJ, Backeljau T, Schockaert ER (2005)
Typhloplanoida (Platyhelminthes, Rhabdocoela) from New Caledonia and eastern Australia, with the description of six new taxa.
New Zealand J Zool 32:79-98

Abstract / Notes

Thirteen species of Typhloplanoida from the Australian east coast and New Caledonia are reported, six of them
new to science. Three of these new species are representatives of the Promesostomidae: Coronhelmis cuypersi
new species, Coronhelmis novaecaledoniae new species, and Kymocarens kanakorum new species. Austradenopharynx
reynaertsi new genus and species is a member of the Solenopharyngidae. Two species are placed within the
Typhloplanidae: Kaitalugia lydieae new genus and species and K. falcata new species. Furthermore, new
localities are given for Messoplana minuta, known from the Weddell Sea, Brinkmanniella palmata, occurring on
the North American Pacific coast, the Swedish west coast and in the Black and Mediterranean Seas, Ceratopera
axi, a cosmopolitan species, and Vauclusia conica and Pilamonila bimascula, two Australian species. For the
sake of completeness, two more species of which insufficient material is available, are mentioned. A complete
species list of all marine Typhloplanoida found in the region is given.

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