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Naumova TV, Novikova OA, Timoshkin OA (2002)
Morphology, karyotypes, and distribution of Bdellocephala planarians (Plathelminthes, Tricladida, Paludicola) in Khabarovskii Krai.
Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 81(11): 1299-1307

Abstract / Notes

The data on new findings of Bdellocephala de Man, 1875 species in Khabarovskii Krai are presented. The material was analyzed using morphological, histological, and karyological methods. Two species were identified: Bdellocephala grubiiformis (Zabusova 1929) and B. punctata (Pallas 1774). The resemblance in the structure of skin-muscular sac, pharynx in these species was revealed. B. punctata karyotypes in the European and Far Eastern individuals are identical. The Far Eastern species differ from the European representatives of this genus by smaller body size (14-22 and 20-30 mm, respectively). The copulative apparatus of B. punctata from the Vaida River includes papillate folds that is not characteristic of the traditional species of the genus. B. grubiiformis karyotype consists of 28 metacentric and submetacentric chromosomes in contrast to the Porfiriera's et al. (1979) data, who described 56 chromosomes in a diploid set of this species. Karyotype of the Far Eastern B. punctata has 16 chromosomes in a diploid set, 8 bivalents in meiosis and does not differ from the European B. punctata karyotype. The present range of B. punctata is fragmentary areas in Russian Europe and the Far East. Specific features of Bdellocephala distribution are discussed.

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