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Dudziak J (1954)
Observations on the distribution of the spring planarians in the southern part of the Cracov Upland.
Polskie Arch Hydrobiol 2(1): 7-30

Abstract / Notes

2 spring planarians occur: Crenobia alpina and Dugesia gonocephala. Former has but few stations. It has been
found in several springs and in their outflows above upper part of stream Pradnik, but not in stream itself.
It occurs abundantly in springs in Saspowska Valley. Crenobia alpina was found in Bolechowicka Valley, with
Dugesia gonocephala Crenobia alpina inhabits both types of springs, limnocrene and rheocrene, irrespective of
type of substratum, in water temperature which varies from 7 to 11[degree]C; it lives in clean spring water
as well as containing a certain percent of lime suspension, in places exposed to direct sunshine, as well as
in shade. A completely isolated relict station of this triclad has been found in the Bolechowicka Valley,
suggesting that Crenobia alpina originally inhabited other valleys of southern part of Upland. Absence of
Crenobia alpina in many springs which appear to offer conditions favorable to its existence may be a
secondary phenomenon caused either by mechanical factors, or by invasion of Dugesia gonocephala into stations
of Crenobia alpina Dugesia gonocephala inhabits a considerable number of springs in all valleys investigated;
it occurs abundantly in streams Bedkowka and Saspowka, and partly inhabits Eliaszowka, Kobylanski,
Bolechowick, Kluczwody and Pradnik streams. In remaining streams it constitutes a casual faunistic element.
Triclad adapts itself to new ecological conditions easily in so far as substratum and thermal conditions

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