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Rubtzoff A (1928/2010)
[Triclads of Lake Baikal.] Proofs of the paper of Prof. I.A. Rubtzoff, Prepared for the publication in Russian Hydrobiological Journal (Russische Hydrobiologische Zeitschrift), 1928. [In Russian]
In: OA Timoshkin, ed. Index of animal species inhabiting Lake Baikal and its catchment area. Vol. II, Book 1, Ch 2.6, pp 1156-1254.

Abstract / Notes

From the preface to the volume, explaining this publication: "Prominent among other supplements is an
unpublished work of I.A. Rubtsov on Baikal triclads. When corresponding with I.A. Rubtsov, I received a copy
(incomplete proof copy, to be more exact) from him via Academician Artemiy Vasilievich Ivanov in 1980s as a
post-graduate student at the Zoological Institute, in Leningrad. As they told me, a set-up and actually ready
for press issue of Russian Hydrobiological Journal (published in Saratov City) with this paper was destroyed
and its editor, an outstanding limnologist, A.L. Bening was arrested and exiled (persecuted). Unfortunately,
some proof pages are missing, and the quality of illustrations and the typeset leave much to be desired. I
considered it to be my duty to correct this unfair situation and get this manuscript finally published (almost
80 years later), since it contains descriptions and drawings of several species new for science, it is based
on ample evidence and is referred to by Baikal researchers (for instance, by Porfirieva N.A. [1977] in her
revision of Baikal planarians)."
English translation of author's abstract on pp 1196-1197

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