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Record # 22810
Atherton S, Jondelius U (2018)
Wide distributions and cryptic diversity within a Microstomum (Platyhelminthes) species complex.
Zoologica Scripta, Vol. 47(4): 486-498
[doi: 10.1111/zsc.12290

Abstract / Notes

"Microstomum lineare is a common species of fresh and brackish waters found worldwide. Three genes (18S, CO1
and ITS) were sequenced from specimens of M.lineare collected from four countries, and the levels of cryptic
diversity and genetic structuring were assessed. Results showed M.lineare has very wide haplotype
distributions suggesting higher than expected dispersal capabilities. In addition, three new species were
described on the basis of molecular taxonomy: Microstomum artoisi sp. nov., Microstomum tchaikovskyi sp. nov.
and Microstomum zicklerorum sp. nov."

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