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Krohne G (2020)
Hydra nematocysts in the flatworm Microstomum lineare: in search for alterations preceding their disappearance from the new host.
Cell & Tissue Research, Volume:379(1): 63-71

Abstract / Notes

"Nematocysts are characteristic organelles of the phylum Cnidaria. The free-living Platyhelminth Microstomum lineare preys on Hydra oligactis and sequesters nematocysts. All nematocyst types become phagocytosed without adherent cytoplasm by intestinal cnidophagocytes. Desmoneme and isorhiza nematocysts disappear within 2 days after ingestion whereas cnidophagocytes containing the venom-loaded stenotele nematocysts migrate out of the intestinal epithelia through the parenchyma to the epidermis. Epidermally localized stenoteles are still able to discharge suggesting that this hydra organelle does preserve its physiological properties. Three to four weeks after ingestion, the majority of stenoteles disappear from M. lineare. To search for alterations of nematocysts that might precede their disappearance, flatworms were stained with acridine orange, a dye that binds to poly-[gamma]-glutamic acid present in hydra nematocysts. The staining properties of all three nematocyst types were indistinguishable during the first 60 min after ingestion of hydra tissue whereas 15 h later, the majority of desmoneme and isorhiza had lost their stainability in striking contrast to stenoteles. In M. lineare inspected 2, 4 and 10 days after feeding, 20-40% of stenoteles had lost their stainability with acridine orange. Non-stained stenoteles had sizes similar to their stained counterparts but some of them were slightly deformed. The presented data indicate that acridine orange staining allows the detection of early alterations of all three ingested nematocyst types preceding their disappearance from M. lineare. Furthermore, they support the notion that the transport of venom-loaded stenoteles to the epidermis provides a strategy of excretion."

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