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Luther A (1955)
Die Dalyelliiden (Turbellaria Neorhabdocoela), eine Monographie.
Acta Zool Fenn 87:1-337

Abstract / Notes

Luther dedicates this volume:  "Dem Andenken meines verehrten Lehrers und väterlichen Freundes Professor J.
A. Palmén in Dankbarkeit gewidmet."  

A complete review of morphology and anatomy is followed by keys, diagnoses of families and genera,
descriptions and sometimes biological notes for specific and infraspecific taxa. Described are:
Microdalyellia ohlsoni from Finland, and M. ruebushi new name for Dalyellia aspinosa Ruebush; in Gieysztoria.
the new sub-genus MARCUSIELLA, type G. thymara Marcus, 7 new spp. and 1 new subsp. from Italy and Finland,
and 2 spp. transferred from Dalyellia; also Castrella (C.) alba and Fulinskiella lapponica from Finland;
VAILIANTIELLA, type V. algerica from Algeria; BEAUCHAMPIELLA. type Jensenia oculifera Beauchamp; AXIA, type
Jensenia luetjohanni Ax; and Axia remanei (=Jensenia spec. Ax 1952) from Germany

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