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Record # 35
Karling TG (1956)
Morphologisch-histologische Untersuchungen an den männlichen Atrialorganen der Kalyptorhynchia (Turbellaria).
Ark Zool (2) 9:187-279.

Abstract / Notes

The male copulatory organs in the Kalyptorhynchia may be of either of 2 types: divisa (prostatic vesicle free)
or conjuncta (prostatic vesicle interpolated). Descriptions are given of each type. The male a trial organs
of the families of Kalyptorhynchia are described and compared with each other, with special attention to the
Polycystidae. In this family, contrary to previous ideas, the male copulatory organ may in some cases be of
the conjuncta type. No distinct taxonomic boundary can be drawn between the forms with conjuncta and divisa
organs. In the other families there is always a conjuncta organ, which in some cases may be asymmetrical and
similar to a divisa organ (family Gnathor-hynchidae). Descriptions are given for 21 spp. in Polycystidae,
including PARACHRORHYNCHUS with type P. axi. Kieler Bucht; P. bergensis, Norway; MESORHYNCHUS terminostylis,
Kristineberg; Polycystis riedli Ligurian Sea; PHONORHYNCHELLA biaruata, Psammopolycystis falcata, P.
bondensis, and P. bbredungensis, Kristineberg; TYPHLOPOLYCYSTIS Kieler Bucht; PAPIA bifida, Tyrrhenian Sea
(Italy); and ANNULORHYNCHUS adriaticus Sea; 1 sp. in PSAM-MORHYNCHIDAE based on Psammorhynchus; 4 spp. in
Zonorhynchidae, including XENOCICERINA gracilis, North Sea; NANNORHYNCHUS herdlaensis, Norway; and
Zonorhynchus seminascatus, Swedish w. coast; and 1 sp. in Karkinorhynchidae.

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