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Ferguson FF (1939-1940)
A monograph of the genus Macrostomum O. Schmidt 1848. 8 Parts.
Zool Anz 126 :7-20; 127: 131-144; 128: 49-68. 188-205, 274-291; 129: 21-48, 120-146, 244-266

Abstract / Notes

III. Descr. of M. appendiculatum, M. a. var. sensitivum, M. elgonense, M. beaujortensis, M. boreale, and M.

IV. Descr. of M. collistylum, Tennessee, M. curvistylum, Virginia, M. gieysztori, Spain ( M. gracile
Gieysz-tor 1931), M. gilberti, Tenn., M. glochistylum, Va., M. gracile Pereyaslawzewa 1902, Black Sea, M.
graffi ( = M. gracile Graff 1905), Black Sea, M. infundibuliferum Plotnikow 1905, Tomsk, M. intermedium Tu
1934, China, and M. japonicum Okugawa 1930, Japan.

V. Descr. of M. lewisi from swift water in the Blue Ridge Mts., Va., and M. reynoldsi, from a waterfall in
the mts. of Va. The characters of several known spp. are restated from the original descr. and M. korsakoffi
Nassonov 1926 is [erroneously] given a new name.

VI. Descr. of M. riedeli and M. ruebushi and 8 new vars. of the latter.

VII. Descr. of M. stylopencillum, tennesseensis, and vejdovskyi, and an artificial key to the valid spp. of
the genus.

VIII. Concluding article of the series, containing the bibliography. In copulation, the penis stylet is
inserted into the [female] genital atrium; the insemination is said not to be reciprocal. Fert. probably
takes place in the common oviduct. Throughout the genus, 2n. = 6. A descr. is given of spermatogenesis in M.
virginianum, and the acct. of Phillips of free chromatin granules in the sperm is confirmed. In feeding, the
pharynx simplex distends, surrounds the food, and engulfs it by peristaltic contractions. In passing through
the pharynx the food acquires enzymes and a mucous coat from the pharyngeal glands. Macrostomum has some
ability to regenerate. Expts. are reported on behavior of M. bulbostylum when subjected to various dyes,
soln., dist. water, etc. In buffered soln., pH of 2.2 and of 8 were deleterious. Recovery was noted from
brief exposures to 44[degree] and 4[degree]C; freezing was fatal. Following staining with mucicarmine, a row
of colored patches was seen on each side along the entire body length. The total length of the penis stylet
in 3d generation progeny of M. bulbostylum reared from 1 pair of great grandparents ranged from 248 to 467
[mu]. The author considers that there are 43 valid spp. and vars. of Macrostomum of which 27 are descr. as
new in this series of articles and 23 come from the eastern U. S.

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