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Karling TG (1952)
Studien ueber Kalyptorhynchien (Turb). IV. Einige Eukalyptorhynchia.
Acta Zool Fenn 69:1-49

Abstract / Notes

Descriptions of the following species of the family Zonorhynchidae Zonorhynchus tvaerminnensis (Karling); Z.
salinus, from several localities in the vicinity of Kristineberg Zoological Station; Cicerina remanei
Meixner; C. brevicirrus Meixner; C. tetradactyla Giard; Paracicerina laboeica Meixner; P. maristoi, collected
at Tvarminne, Henriksberg and Hango, Kolaviken and Hangoby. Also notes and/or descriptions of the following
placorhynchids and gnathorhynchids: Placorhynchus echinulatus Karling; P. octaculeatus Karling;
Uncinorhynchus flavidus Karling; U. westbladi, from Gullmaren, Bokevik and FiskelbSckskil; Prognathorhynchus
dubius Meixner; P. campylo-sytlus Karling.

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