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Record # 6769
Timoshkin OA (1986)
Rostellar ciliated worms (Turbellaria, Kalyptorhynchia) from the Lake Baikal. 1. New species of the genus Diplosyphon and their taxonomic position.
Zool Zh 65(5):700-712

Abstract / Notes

The descriptions and short information on ecology of five new species from the genus Opisthocystis O.
curvistylus sp. nov., O. pedistylus sp. nov., O. abyssalis sp. nov., O. sabussovi sp. nov., and O. cariottus
sp. nov., endemic for the Lake Baikal are presented. The Nasonov's conclusion (1935) on presence of several
members of the genus in the Lake Baikal is confirmed. Assumptions of Carling (1956) and Evdonin (1977) about
polytypicalness of O. angarensis still remain to be proved. Data on findings on a cosmopolitan species,
Gyratrix hermaphroditus, in the Lake Baikal are presented.

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