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Record # 6846
Hyman LH (1953)
The polyclad flatworms of the Pacific coast of North America.
Bull Am Museum Natural History 100: 269-391

Abstract / Notes

In the littoral zone extending from the Aleutian Islands to the s. end of Lower California there are
recognized 67 valid spp. of polyclads, 48 Acotylea and 19 Cotylea. A zonation of the species with respect to
latitude is evident. A tabulation of this point reveals 2 spp. confined to arctic waters; 3 extending from
Puget Sound northward; 1 known only from British Columbia; 7 limited to Puget Sound; 5 ranging from
California to Puget Sound; 3 common to California and Oregon but not known n. of Oregon; 18 limited to the
California coast; 9 limited to s. California; 7 common to s. California and the Gulf of California; 9 limited
to the Gulf of California; and 2 extending from California far southward. The systematic account includes:
Alleena mexicana, Gulf of California; Plehnia caeca; P. c. var. oculifera; Stylochus franciscanus;
S.tripartitus; S. atentaculatus; S. californicus; S. exiguus; S. insolitus; MEXISTYLOCHUS (Stylochidae), type
M. tuberculatus, Gulf of California; M. levis, off Sonora, Mex.; Cryptocelis occidentalis; MARCUSIA
(Cryptocelidae), type M. ernesti, Gulf of Calif.; Phaenocelis mexicana, off Mexico; LONGIPROSTATUM
(Cryptocelidae), type L. rickettsi. Gulf of Calif.; Stylochoplana longipenis, off Sonora, Mex.; S. hancocki;
Zygantroplana stylifera, Gulf of calif.; Leptoplana chloranota (Phylloplana c. Boone); L. limnoriae;
PARVIPLANA (Lepto-planidae), type P. californica (Stylochoplana c. Woodworth); Notoplana rupicola (Leptoplana
r. Heath and McGregor); Notoplana saxicola (Leptoplana s. Heath and McGregor); N. inquieta (L. i. Heath and
McGregor); N. acticola (L. a. Boone); N. sciophila (L. s. Boone); N. longastyletta (Stylochoplana l.
Freeman); Euplana pacificola (Leptoplana p. Plehn); Phylloplana viridis (Stylochoplana v. Freeman); FREEMANIA
(Leptoplanidae), type F. litoricola (Phylloplana 1. Heath and McGregor); MACGINITIELLA (Leptoplanidae), type
M. delmaris; Copidoplana tripyla DIPLANDROS(Leptoplanidae), type D. singularis; Hoploplana californica;
Alloioplana californica (Planocera c. Heath and McGregor); A. sandiegensis (P. s. Boone); SPINICIRRUS
(Planoceridae), type S. inequalis CALLIOPLANIDAE, n. n. (=Diplosolenidae Bock, because of change in name of
type genus); Pseudostylochus burchami (Planocera b. Heath and McGregor); MONOSOLENIA (Callioplanidae), type
M. asymmetrica, off Lower California; Thysanozoon californicum; Pseudoceros mexicanus, Gulf of Calif.; P.
bajae, Gulf of Calif.; P. luteus (Amblyceraeus l. Plehn) ; P. canadensis, off Brit. Columbia; Prostheceraeus
(?) bellostriatus; Euryleptodes insularis; Acerotisa alba (Oligocladus albus Freeman); A. arctica, off
Alaska; A. californica; Prosthiostomum latocelis; P. multicelis southern California region and Gulf of
Calif.; and Enchiridium punctatum. Except where otherwise noted, n. spp. are from the California coast.

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