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Record # 7094
Ehlers U, Doerjes J (1979)
Interstitielle Fauna von Galapagos. XXIII. Acoela (Turbellaria).
Mikrofauna Meeresboden 72: 1-75 [67-138]

Abstract / Notes

In sandy intertidal and shallow subtidal zones of the Galapagos Islands [Ecudador] Turbellaria Acoela.
Fifteen, there are 25 spp. of taxa were determined. The family Convolutidae is represented by the species
Conaperta colorata sp. nov., Avagina polyvacuola sp. nov., Amphiscolops sp., Praeaphanostoma thalassophilum
sp. nov., P. musculosum sp. nov., and P. vitreum sp. nov. Pseudohaplogonaria minima sp. nov. belonging to the
Haploposthiidae is described. In the Otocelididae, the species Otocelis phycophilus sp. nov., Philocelis
karlingi pacifica ssp. nov., PAROTOCELIS luteopuncatata gen. et sp., nov. and EXOCELIS exopensi gen. et sp.
nov. are added. Philactinoposthia tenebrosa sp. nov., Pseudactinoposthia parva sp. nov. and MONOPOSTHIA
pseudovesicula gen. et sp. nov. belong to the family Childiidae. The Mecynostomidae are represented by 2 spp.
of the genus Pseudmecynostomum, P. pellucidum sp. nov. and P. ardum sp. nov. Several species found within the
archiepelago are closely related to other acoels, previously described from other areas. There is no evidence
for processes of speciation within the Galapagos archipelago. The abundance of the Acoela settling in the
eulittoral of the Galapagos Islands is essentially minor than the abundance in continental intertidal zones
of North America and Europe.

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