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Beklemischev VN (1927)
Über die Turbellarienfauna des Aralsees. Zugleich ein Beitrag zur Morphologie und zum System der Dalyelliida.
Zool Jahrb Abt Syst Oekol Geogr Tiere 54: 87-138

Abstract / Notes

The collection, made at Port Aralsk, on Lake Aral, consisted of 12 species of rhabdocoels, of which 10 are
considered, the new ones in detail: Acoela, Haplodiscus agilis, Alloeocoela, Promonotus orientalis (family
Monocelididae); P. hyrcanus figured but not described, Rhabdocoela, Macrostomum appendiculatum (O. Fabr.),
Byrsophlebs geniculata, Proxenetes contortus, Koinocystis relicta, Gyratrix hermaphroditus (Ehrenb.),
Phonorhynchoides flagellatus  (Trigonostomidae), Dalyellia bergi, and Kirgisella forcipata, in the n. fam.
Provorticidae. All of the new forms are described in great detail.

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