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Timoshkin OA (1986)
Peculiarities of the structure and taxonomic position of the Prolecithophora from Baikal Lake (Turbellaria). [In Russian] [Osobennosti stroeniya i sistematicheskoe polojenie Prolecithophora Baikala
Zool Zh 65:16-27 [tc: (Turbellaria), 1.]

Abstract / Notes

Comparative anatomical characteristics of the musculocutaneous sac, the digestive and reproductive systems in
the Baikal Prolecithophora are given. On this basis the conclusion reached is that there is a relationship
between Baicalarctia gulo having the separated mouth and genital pore and the species of the genus
Friedmaniella, described not so long ago, having the combined mouth and genital pore. The critical review of
the Prolecithophora generally accepted taxonomic system has been made, and the Baikal prolecithophors' place
in the order has been established. Taxonomic rank of the family Baicalarctidae Friedman has been lowered down
to the subfamily of the same name inside the Protomonotresidae. The subfamily Prolecithoplaninae has been
removed from the Protomonotresidae and has been considered as a separate family, the Prolecithoplanidae. A
new family, the Acanthiellidae, has been separated for Acanthiella chaetonotoides. Heterogeneity of the
Combinata, artificiality of the order division into two suborders, the Combinata and the Separata, and
priority of the combined state of the mouth and the genital pore for the Prolecithophora are suggested.

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