Turbellarian taxonomic database

Record # 76
Marcus EvDB-R (1957)
On Turbellaria. [on terrestrial triclads, Convoluta, Hofstenia, Notoplana chierchiae, Itannia ornata, Cestoplana]
An. Acad. bras. Ciênc. 29:153-191.

Abstract / Notes

Dolichoplana vircata, Microplana yaravi Geoplana lama, G. vicuna, G. shapra, Convoluta macnaei, Hofstenia
tinga, and Cestoplana techa are new spp. based on collections in Peru. Itannia ornata n. ssp. murna is based
on specimens from Brazil. Notes on the distribution of Peruvian specimens of Incapora weyrauchi Marcus, 1953,
Geoplana guichua Marcus, 1951, G. weyrauchi Marcus, 1951, G. aymara Marcus.1951, and Notoplana chierchiai are
presented. At present 28 spp. or forms of triclads are known to occur in Peru.

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