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Record # 9264
Smith JPS, Bush L (1991)
Convoluta pulchra, n. sp., (Turbellaria: Acoela) from the east coast of North America.
Trans Am Microsc Soc 110:12-26

Abstract / Notes

Convoluta pulchra is a new species of acoel turbellarian belonging to the family Convolutidae. This species is
widely distributed along the Atlantic coast of North America, having been found by us from North Carolina to
Maine, and appears to be a common component of the meiofauna in lentic muddy sand beaches. C. pulchra is
intermediate in its anatomy between the "vesicula-penis group" and the "antrum-penis group" of the genus
Convoluta, as defined in 1986 by Antonius. This intermediate position, as well as the anatomical similarity
of C. pulchra to Conaperta westbladi suggests the need for a revision of the genera Convoluta and Conaperta,
if not of the entire family Convolutidae.

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