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Palombi A (1928)
Report on the Turbellaria. Zoological results of the Cambridge Expedition to the Suez Canal. 1924.
Trans. Zool. Soc. 22(5): 579-630, 1 plate

Abstract / Notes

 Among the collections of the Cambridge Expedition to the Suez Canal are 16 species of Turbellaria, of which
6 are new, 14 species of Polycladida (10 Acotylea and 3 Cotylea), 1 species of Tricladida and 1 of
Rhabdocoelida (Alloeocoela). The forms discussed are Polycladida Acotylea (Stylochidae) Stylochus suesensis;
Idioplana australiensis; (Leptoplanidae) Stylochoplana pallida, S. angusta, Leptoplana tremellaris,
Notoplana atomata, N. robusta, Notoplanides, with N. opisthopharynx; Cotylea (Pseudoceridae) Thysanozoon
brocchii, Pseudoceros velutinus, P. caeruleo-punctatus;  Opisthogeniidae n. fam., Opisthogenia, with O.
tentaculata. Tricladida: Ditremageniidae n. fam., Ditremagenia with D. macropharynx an ectoparasite.
Rhabdocoelida; Alloecoela, (Hofstenidae) Hofstenia minuta. Idioplana australiensis, Stylochoplana
pallida, S. angusta, and especially Thysanozoon brocchii are of particular interest because of their
geographical distribution, now being reported from the entire Mediterranean as well as from Japanese waters.

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