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Beauchamp Pde (1931)
Nouvelles diagnoses de Triclades obscuricoles. 4. Easai d'uns classification des Dendrocoelidae.
Soc Zool FR 55:155-163

Abstract / Notes

Dendrocoelidae: Dendrocoelum is divided into 7 subgenera, of which subg. APODENDROCOELUM, is new, type D.
lipophallus (B.), and also including D. brachyphallus (B.) and D. puteale Kenk.; D. cavaticum v. sollaudi,
Switzerland, from a cave; ACROMYADENTUM, near Paradendrocoelum, type A. maroccanum, Morocco; AMYADENIUM, type
A. vandeli , France; A. brementi.

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