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Beauchamp Pde (1932)
Biospeologica 56. Turbellaries, Hirudinees, Branchiobdellides. 2:me serie.
Arch zool exp 73: 113-380

Abstract / Notes

On the Turbellaria and Hirudinea of caves and dark waters; a revision of the obscuricolous Paludicola of
Europe; with morphological and anatomical studies, especially of the copulatory apparatus, and
distributional data, on spp. of the Turbellarians Dendrocoelum, Miodendrocqelum, Acromyadenium, Amyadenium,
Dendrocoelopsis, Bdellocephala, Fonticola, Euplanaria, Crenobia, Polycelis, Geocentrophora, and
Protomonotresis, and of the annelids Herpobdella and Branchiobdella. Dendrocoelum, descr. of generic
characters of the copulatory apparatus; D. mrazeki v. pannonica (Dendroceolides pannonicus Mehely) (p.150) ;
D. (Dendroceolides?) chappuisi (p.159), Romania; BOLBODENDROCOELUM (p.203), subg. in Dendrocoelum, type D.
agile (p.203), France; D. (Eudendrocoelum?) parvioculatum (p.224), Jugoslavia; Fonticola albissima v.
catalaunica (p.314) ; F. a. var. illyrica (Planaria i. Komarek) (p.317) ; F. a. var. dalmatica (F. d. Stank.
& Kom.) (p.319) ;  ATRIOPLANARIA (p.334), type A. racovitzai (Planaria r. de Beauch.), (p.334). Extensive

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