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Bilateria (Main hierarchy)
Nephrozoa       Jondelius, Ruiz-Trillo, Baguna, & Riutort, 2002
Platyhelminthes       Minot, 1876
Rhabditophora       Ehlers, 1985
Trepaxonemata       Ehlers, 1984
Euneoophora       Laumer & Giribet, 2014
Acentrosomata       Egger, Lapraz, Tomiczek, et al., 2015
Adiaphanida       Noren & Jondelius, 2002
Prolecithophora       Karling, 1940
Cylindrostomidae       Reisinger, 1924
Allostoma       Beneden, 1861

Cylindrostomidae Allostoma Beneden, 1861 synonymy

  Cylindrostomidae Allostoma Beneden, 1861 [accepted as Pseudostomidae Allostoma Beneden, 1861 by Noren M, Jondelius U (1999):109 (citation)]

Currently accepted as Pseudostomidae Allostoma Beneden, 1861 according to Noren M, Jondelius U (1999):109 (citation)

Other synonyms of Pseudostomidae Allostoma Beneden, 1861

  Cylindrostomidae Allostomum Beneden, 1861 in Mack-Fira (1974) [accepted as Pseudostomidae Allostoma Beneden, 1861 by Artois T In: Tyler S, Artois T, Schilling S, Hooge M, Bush LF (comp) (2006-2021):WoRMS link for Allostoma (id=142250) (citation)]