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Fig Phagocata hellenica

Fig 15 Vila-Farré & Sluys
Phagocata hellenica, specimens from the Canal of Argos, near Argos and Néa Kíos, Greece. (A) living animal, (B–C) holotype, V.Pl. 6878.4, (B) sagittal section of the copulatory apparatus (anterior to the right), (C) sagittal reconstruction of the copulat

from Vila-Farré M, Sluys R, Almagro I, Handberg-Thorsager M, Romero R (2011) Freshwater planarians (Platyhelminthes, Tricladida) from the Iberian Peninsula and Greece: diversity and notes on ecology
Zootaxa 2779: 1-38

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Phagocata hellenica

fig Phagocata hellenica
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