Turbellarian taxonomic database

author date   title journal / publication
Hyman LH 1937 index card avail.
Studies on the morphology, taxonomy, and distribution of North American Triclad Turbellaria. VII. The two species confused under the name Phagocata gracilis, the validity of the generic name Phagocata Transact Amer Micr Soc 56:298-310
Phagocata gracilis (Haldeman, 1840) [with synonyms] w other taxonomic work 302-305
Phagocata gracilis woodworthi Hyman, 1937 w primary taxonomic authority (describer)
Phagocata woodworthi Hyman, 1937 [with synonyms] w primary taxonomic authority (describer) 305-306
Phagocata subterranea Hyman, 1937 [with synonyms] w other research on this sp. 307
Phagocata velata (Stringer, 1909) [with synonyms] w other taxonomic work 307
Phagocata morgani morgani Stevens & Boring, 1906 [with synonyms] w other taxonomic work 307
Planaria morgani Stevens & Boring, 1906 w latest taxonomic authority 307
Phagocata gracilis gracilis (Haldeman, 1840) w other taxonomic work