Turbellarian taxonomic database

author date   title journal / publication
Dendy A 1892  abs. Notes on some Land Planarians from Tasmania and South Australia. Australian Assoc. f. advanc. of Sc., Hobart, Tasmania, 1892. Section D, 2. (Separatabdruck.) 8 pages.
Artioposthia adelaidensis (Dendy, 1892) [with synonyms] w primary taxonomic authority (describer)
Geoplana flynni Dendy, 1915 w primary taxonomic authority (describer) 701-702
Geoplana fletcheri Dendy, 189 w other taxonomic work 372
Geoplana fletcheri adelaidensis Dendy, 1892 w primary taxonomic authority (describer) 373
Geoplana sp. Dendy, 1892 - primary taxonomic authority (describer) 372
Australopacifica typhlops (Dendy, 1894) w other taxonomic work 370-371
Geoplana walhallae Dendy, 1891 w other taxonomic work