Turbellarian taxonomic database

author date   title journal / publication
Jouk PEH, Martens EE, Schockhaert ER 2007    Cirrifera genitoductus, n. sp. (Platyhelminthes, Proseriata, Coelogynoporidae) from the Belgian coast, with observations on its ultrastructure and its significance for the taxonomy of the Coelogynoporidae. Belg J Zool 137:223-230
Cirrifera genitoductus Jouk, Martens, Schockaert, 2007 w primary taxonomic authority (describer)
Coelogynoporidae Cirrifera Sopott, 1972 w latest taxonomic authority 228-230
Lithophora Coelogynoporidae Karling, 1966 [with synonyms] w other taxonomic work 228-230