Turbellarian taxonomic database

author date   title journal / publication
Litvaitis MK, BolaƱos DM, Quiroga SY 2010    When names are wrong and colours deceive: unravelling the Pseudoceros bicolor species complex (Turbellaria: Polycladida) Journal of Natural History 44(13):829-845
Pseudoceros bicolor Verrill, 1902 [with synonyms] w latest taxonomic authority
Cryptoceros aureolineatus (Verrill, 1901) w latest taxonomic authority
Pseudocerotidae Cryptoceros Faubel, 1984 w latest taxonomic authority 843
Pseudoceros rawlinsonae Bolanos, Quiroga, & Litvaitis, 2007 w latest taxonomic authority 837-840
Pseudobiceros pardalis (Verrill, 1900) [with synonyms] w other taxonomic work 3-7
Maritigrella aureolineatus (Verrill, 1901) [with synonyms] w other taxonomic work
bicolor marcusorum Litvaitis, Bolanos, & Quiroga, 2010 w primary taxonomic authority (describer) 841
Pseudocerotidae Pseudoceros Lang, 1884 [with synonyms] w other taxonomic work
Cryptoceros marmoratus (Plehn, 1898) w other taxonomic work 843