Turbellarian taxonomic database

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Benazzi M, Baguna J, Ballester R, & del Papa R 1975 index card avail.
Further contribution to the taxonomy of the "Dugesia lugubris-polychroa group" with description of Dugesia mediterranea N.sp. (Tricladida, Paludicola). Boll Zool 42:81-89
Dugesia mediterranea Benazzi, Baguna, Ballester & del Papa, 1975 w primary taxonomic authority (describer) 83-87, Figs. 1-3
Schmidtea mediterranea (Benazzi, Baguna, Ballester & del Papa, 1975) [with synonyms] w primary taxonomic authority (describer)
Dugesia polychroa (Schmidt, 1861) w other taxonomic work
Dugesia lugubris (Schmidt, 1861) w other taxonomic work