Turbellarian taxonomic database

author date   title journal / publication
Sluys R, De Vries EJ 1988  abs. The aquatic triclads of the Crozet Islands (Platyhelminthes: Tricladida). [Obrimoposthia, Synsiphonium, Dugesia] Zool J Linn Soc 94: 203-217.
Obrimoposthia aparala Sluys & De Vries, 1988 w primary taxonomic authority (describer) 204-208, Figs. 1-3
Synsiphonium ernesti (Hyman, 1958) [with synonyms] w other taxonomic work 209-211, Figs. 5-6
Dugesia seclusa (de Beauchamp, 1940) [with synonyms] w other taxonomic work 211-214, Fig. 7