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Polycelis sapporo

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Primary authority:
Ijima I, Kaburaki T1916index card avail.
Preliminary descriptions of some Japanese Triclada.Annot Zool Japon Tokyo 9: 153-17157

[Other] literature of synonyms:
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Kaburaki T1922index card avail.
On some Japanese freshwater triclads; with a note on the parallelism in their distribution in Europe and Japan.Journ Coll Sc Imp Tokyo 44 :1-71
Le Moigne A1969   Etude du developpement et de la regeneration embryonnaires de Polycelis nigra (Ehr.) et Polycelis tenuis (Iijima); Turbellaires, Triclades.Ann Embryol Morphol 2:51-69.
Kawakatsu M1969   An illustrated list of Japanese freshwater planarians in color.Bull. Fuji Women's Coll. 7(11): 45-91, plates 7-8
Kawakatsu M, Teshirogi W, Fujiwara H1970   Report on the ecological survey of freshwater planarians in the eastern part of Aomori Prefecture, Honshu, with a note on the southern limit of distribution of Polycelis sapporo and Dendrocoelopsis lacteus.Bull. Fuji Women's Coll. 8(2): 127-141
Kawakatsu M, Teshirogi W, Tsushima K1970   Report on the ecological survey of freshwater planarians in the Natsudomari Peninsula and the western part of the Shimokita Peninsula, Honshu.Bull. Fuji Women's Coll 8: 115-125
Teshirogi W, Ishida S, Yamazaki H1978 abs. Regenerative capacities of transverse pieces of two species of freshwater planarians Dendrocoelopsis lactea and Polycelis sapporo from Aomori Prefecture, especially compared with those of the same species from Hokkaido.Zoological Magazine (Tokyo), 87 (3): 262-273
Teshirogi W, Hasebe K, Ishida S1979   Karyological studies of the freshwater planarian, genus Polycelis.Zoological Magazine (Tokyo), 88 (4): 664
Kawakatsu M, Mitchell RW1998   Redescription of a North American freshwater planarian, Seidlia remota (Smith, 1988), with taxonomic notes on Seidlia and Polycelis species from the Far East and Central Asia.Bull Fuji Womens College 36, Ser II: 95-110

Literature setting new combination:

Kenk R1974index card avail.
Index to the genera and species of the freshwater triclads (Turbellaria) of the world.Smithson Contrib Zool 183: 1-90

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