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Polycelis pallidus

  author date   title journal / publication pages
latest authority: Kenk R 1974 index card avail.
Index to the genera and species of the freshwater triclads (Turbellaria) of the world. Smithson Contrib Zool 183: 1-90  

literature of valid taxon (Emprosthopharynx pallida) :
  author date   title journal / publication pages
  Quatrefages A de 1845 index card avail.
Études sur les types inférieurs de l'embranchement des annelés: mémoire sur quelques planairées marines appartenant aux genres Tricelis (Ehr.), Polycelis (Ehr.), Prosthiostomum (Nob.), Proceros (Nob.), Eolidiceros (Nob.), et Stylochus (Ehr). Annales des Sciences Naturelles, (3) Zool 4: 326 or 129-184  
  Faubel A 1983 index card avail.
The Polycladida, Turbellaria; Proposal and establishment of a new system. Part I. The Acotylea. Mitt Hamb Zool Mus Inst 80:17-121  

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