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Phagocata bursaperforata

  author date   title journal / publication pages
Primary authority: Darlington JT 1959 index card avail.
The Turbellaria of two granite outcrops in Georgia. Am Midl Nat, 61: 257-294 276-284
other taxonomic work: Ball IR 1969    Dugesia lugubris (Tricladida: Pauludicola) a European immigrant into North American fresh waters. J. Fish. Res. Bd. Can. 26:221-228  
other taxonomic work: Kenk R 1972 index card avail.
Freshwater planarians (Turbellaria) of North America. Biota of Fresh-water Ecosystems, Identification Manual, 1: 1-81 ; Washington, Environmental Protection Agency. [Also second printing, 1976, Cincinnati, Ohio] 37
other taxonomic work: Kenk R 1974 index card avail.
Index to the genera and species of the freshwater triclads (Turbellaria) of the world. Smithson Contrib Zool 183: 1-90  
latest authority: Kenk R 1989    Revised list of the North American freshwater planarians (Platyhelminthes: Tricladida: Paludicola). Smithsonian Contrib. Zool. 476, 10 pp. 3

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