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Crenobia montenegrina

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Primary authority:
Mrazek A1904index card avail.
Uber eine neue polypharyngeale Planarienart aus Montenegro (Planaria montenegrina n.sp.)Sitz.-ber.boehm.Ges.Wiss.Prag.1903,p.1-43, 2 f., 2
latest authority:Kenk R1974index card avail.
Index to the genera and species of the freshwater triclads (Turbellaria) of the world.Smithson Contrib Zool 183: 1-90

[Other] literature of synonyms:
authordateabstr.titlejournal / publicationpages
Beauchamp RSA, Ullyott P1932 abs. Competitive relationships between certain species of freshwater triclads.J. Ecol. 20(1): 200-208

Literature setting new combination:

Kenk R1930index card avail.
Beiträge zum System der Probursalier (Tricladida Paludicola). I-III; 3. Versuch einer natürlichen Gruppierung der Probursalier.Zool Anz (Jena) 89: 145-162; 289-302

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