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Bdellocephala bicornis

  author date   title journal / publication pages
Primary authority: Gmelin JF 1791 index card avail.
In: Caroli a LinnĂ© Systema Naturae. Edition 13, volume 1 (part 6): 3021-3910. Lipsiae.  
other taxonomic work: de Man JG 1883    Geocentrophora sphyrocephala, de M., und Bdellocephala bicornis, de M. Zool Anz 1883: 680-681  
latest authority: Kenk R 1974 index card avail.
Index to the genera and species of the freshwater triclads (Turbellaria) of the world. Smithson Contrib Zool 183: 1-90  

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